Our Mission

A solution to a problem, a mission for change

Our credo: Do no harm, leave no trace, venture on.  We believe in the positive symbiosis of human and nature. We take responsibility for what we do, and how we do it.

We believe in going above and beyond to make the essential, everyday products in your wash bag better. Not only for your own health, but for our planet’s too. This is a sea-change.

We make barber grade, ocean safe styling products, that are fully natural, sustainably sourced, plastic free, and made in the UK.

Joe Mallory-Skinner

The founder

What started as an irritating problem for Joe as a touring musician has turned into a quest of a different kind. On stage, when the lights were on, mid-performance when the music was rising, sweat would pour and stream into his eyes, making them sting.

Frustrated by this, but used to problem solving in his dual career as a designer, Joe discovered that it wasn’t his sweat itself that was causing the issue with his eyes, it was the chemical-filled hair wax mixed into it.

So, unable to find an alternative product that was both chemical free and able to keep his hair well-groomed,  Joe set about creating his own hair waxes from his kitchen. He wanted a hair product that gave the right amount of hold and a professional finish, was re-workable all day and night, didn’t sting or irritate his eyes or skin, and most importantly was completely natural.

Researching and delving into each product he was formulating, he wondered why anyone hadn’t done this before.  Not only did it solve his problem, but his hair and scalp felt amazing.  Taking his time and care selecting each ingredient, he ensured that the product also did no harm to the environment.  An essential element.

To reach his goal, Joe needed to think bigger. His passion for the project spread, attracting the attention of three key industry experts who quickly saw the exciting potential of this range of products he was creating.  The Natural Barber Co was born.

Joe was determined to ensure that his products were produced in the UK and that they would do no harm and leave no trace on the environment. They would have to be future-forward in all their processes, cruelty free, ocean safe and sustainable.   After two years of development, he got the product just right.

So, as a customer you know that what you are using is something made with heart, designed with your needs in mind, and from a company takes full responsibility for its place in the big wide world.

A spark has been lit and the adventure has begun, to ensure that The Natural Barber Co can make a real difference in all that it does, by turning everyday grooming products into something that makes a difference.

Venture On.